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Not all serious injuries are obvious after a motor vehicle wreck

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Those involved in Kentucky car crashes have a lot of concerns to address in the aftermath. One of the first worries people face is the possibility that they or someone else in the vehicle might suffer severe injury. Right after a crash occurs, motorists tend to check themselves quickly for injuries and then communicate with anyone else in the vehicle. After confirming the condition of everyone present, they may then check on the people in the other vehicle.

Relating the medical status of everyone involved in the crash to the person who answers when they call to report the collision can help secure timely medical treatment or emergency transportation to the hospital. Many people assume that they should know right away if there are serious injuries caused by a car crash. However, is possible for people to have injuries that do not manifest immediate symptoms after a wreck.

Delayed symptom onset is one concern

Some injuries start relatively small and then progress if a person does not receive proper treatment. Someone with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) might notice a bruise on their forehead or a mild but persistent headache.

It might take days or sometimes even weeks for those initial symptoms to progress into more concerning signs of a TBI. A brain injury can continue to worsen as the pressure on the brain increases. Symptoms may worsen, and completely new symptoms may develop. Delayed symptoms are also common in cases involving internal bleeding in the abdomen or chest. It may only be when blood loss reaches a dangerous point or pulling blood causes pressure on the organs that someone realizes they have an injury.

The chemical response to a crash is another issue

Sometimes, people overlook medical conditions with immediate symptom onset because of how the human body reacts to trauma. The brain floods the body with chemicals during an incident like a car crash. Those chemicals can affect someone’s cognitive abilities and also hide their sense of pain. Someone might not realize they have a broken arm until they go back to homeostasis hours after the crash. The average person has no way of accurately diagnosing themselves after experiencing a sudden trauma.

Medical professionals are the only ones capable of authoritatively establishing whether someone has internal injuries and other medical issues following a motor vehicle collision. Seeking out proper medical evaluation after a car crash in Kentucky could help people protect their health and make it easier for them to get compensation for those injuries later.