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Drug Injuries And Pharmaceutical Claims

The Greene Law Firm has represented clients against pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, drug manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. Through litigation, we will hold the manufacturers responsible for the production and distribution of defective products or defective drugs that injure you or a loved one. As advances in medicine and technology rapidly advance, sometimes drug and product manufacturers rush to produce their product and introduce it to the market. Unfortunately, this can result in dangerous and defective products being placed in the hands of the unsuspecting public. When this happens, the public is in danger and can suffer substantial injuries or death.

Dangerous drugs and defective products are typically the results of one or more actions that contribute to the production of defective drugs:

  1. Insufficient testing prior to being released: Companies sometimes release the drug and/or product to the public prior to being fully advised of all of the product deficiencies.
  2. Failure to fully disclose all issues and side effects: Sometimes, drug and pharmaceutical companies know that a drug is dangerous and has shown serious, dangerous side effects, but fail to properly warn consumers about EACH AND EVERY RISK associated with the drug. Although the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) inspects the available drugs, oftentimes the drug companies fail to disclose their full studies and information to the FDA
  3. Off-label use: Currently, many physicians prescribe medications for a treatment that was not the intended purpose of the drug as approved by the FDA. When this occurs, the individual patient is at risk because there can be unforeseen complications and consequences as a result of the unintended use of the medication.

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Medication Errors

When a doctor selects a prescription for a patient and writes out a prescription, it is believed that the medication in the amount prescribed will provide a health benefit to the patient. The patient fills this prescription with confidence that the physician has carefully considered his or her medical background, current symptoms, and fully evaluated all of the options. Unfortunately, medication errors occur quite frequently and the patient ends up with the wrong prescription of medication or being prescribed an unnecessary and potentially dangerous drug. If the wrong drug is consumed it can have significant consequences, including severe personal injury and even death. Several of the causes for medication errors are identified below:

  1. The physician has not considered all conditions prior to prescribing medication.
  2. The prescription is written poorly, and the patient receives the wrong drug from pharmacy.
  3. The pharmacy incorrectly fills the prescription.

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