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Kentucky Train Wreck Attorneys

Compassionate And Aggressive Representation For Train Accident Victims And Families

When trains are involved in collisions with automobiles, they typically involve substantial injuries or death. Given the size, speed, and weight of trains, they cause substantial damage and injuries when they collide with cars, trucks, or other automobiles. Our train wreck attorneys at The Greene Law Firm will aggressively investigate and uncover the negligence that caused or contributed to you or your loved one’s train wreck. There are many causes for car-train wrecks including:

  • Railroad crossing not properly designed.
  • Train company or railroad company failed to properly maintain the crossing
  • Failure to trim obscuring vegetation or trees
  • Railroad crossing indicators failed to correctly signal motorists
  • Failing to blow the horn at required distances
  • Track defects or track deficiencies
  • Train was operated at unsafe and reckless speeds
  • Equipment malfunction, including crossing arm, warning lights, warning bells, and engine deficiencies
  • Failure to install crossing guards at dangerous intersections, especially after previous train crashes
  • Violations of federal regulations
  • Negligent acts of railroad employees
  • Negligent hiring, training or supervision of train employees

Investigating All Possible Defendants In Kentucky Train Collisions

If you or a loved one was a passenger in a vehicle that collided with a train, the passenger has done nothing wrong and may have a claim against the train company, the person driving the automobile, and/or a claim against their own auto insurance. If the collision occurred at an unguarded rail crossing, the train company, train engineer, or driver of the automobile might be at fault. If you were a passenger in the car involved in a train wreck, it is important to hire an attorney that can and will effectively investigate the collision and determine each person or company that was at fault for the collision.

Wrongful Death Resulting From Kentucky Train Wreck

If a loved one has died in a train accident, family members are left with an emotional void and potential financial hardship. While we can promise to be compassionate and sensitive in the loss of a loved one, we will also be aggressive in our pursuit of the wrongful death claim against the train engineer and train company. Contact The Greene Law Firm at 502-430-0467 today for a free case evaluation and prompt investigation to preserve critical evidence in your wrongful death claim arising out of a train wreck.

Serious Injuries Resulting From A Kentucky Train Wreck

Those who survive auto-train wrecks often suffer catastrophic and permanent injuries. These injuries often include broken bones, back and spinal issues, brain injuries and closed head injuries, paralysis, broken bones, and other life-altering injuries. These serious injuries often prevent the injured person from returning to work or being able to live their life to the fullest. If you have been injured in a train wreck and can no longer work or live your life to the fullest, please contact us. We are dedicated to securing full compensation for your loss.

Representing Railroad Employees Under FELA

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) helps to protect railroad employees from dangerous and unsafe working environments. Under FELA, railroad workers are entitled to special damages for job-related injuries. Railroad employees can suffer injuries in a variety of ways including, derailments, crashes and other work-related accidents, including industrial chemical exposure. If you suffered an on-the-job injury while working for the railroad, you might have a claim for compensation including, lost wages, projected future earnings, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life. The Greene Law Firm is prepared to handle claims arising out of train accident personal injury and wrongful death claims, including representation of railroad workers injured by:

  • Train derailment or crash
  • Toxic exposures to chemicals carried by trains
  • Falls from trains
  • Other on-the-job accidents

Toxic Exposure For Railroad Employees

Many railroad workers regularly handle and are exposed to hazardous chemicals. It is the responsibility of the railroad company to provide a safe workplace environment, including compliance with all applicable regulations and guidelines. However, if a railroad company fails to follow these safety regulations and provide a safe working environment, railroad employees can be exposed to dangerous and hazardous chemicals that can cause substantial injury and pulmonary impairment. There are many substances that can cause injury or illness, including; chemicals, gases, asbestos products, benzene, creosote, diesel fumes, silicosis, and many other hazardous substances. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death as a result of toxic exposure, please contact The Greene Law Firm.

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There are many issues involved in a train collision and the lawyers at The Greene Law Firm understand these issues and approach them with a logical and straight-forward approach. Furthermore, given their past experiences representing train accident victims, they have established the necessary resources to retain experts to reconstruct the collision, work with experts, and obtain the relevant data and documents to demonstrate that the train company was at fault for the collision. If you or a loved one has been involved in a train collision, please call Michael Greene or Wilson Greene at 502-430-0467 or use the online form so that we can go to work on your case.