Protecting The Rights Of The Injured


Nursing Home Inadequate Security Attorneys

Nursing homes are meant to be safe environments where residents are cared for and provided a safe place to live and enjoy life. In order to ensure the safety of nursing homes, there are laws and regulations that dictate many aspects of nursing homes, including the security system and cameras, the lighting inside and outside the facility, and the entrance and exits to the facility. These measures were enacted in an effort to ensure that residents in nursing homes are as safe as possible. However, when these laws and regulations are violated, nursing home residents can suffer significant injuries including:

  • Disorientation
  • Falls
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Rape
  • Assault
  • Physical and emotional abuse

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When you have entrusted the care and treatment of a loved one to a nursing home or other facility and have been betrayed by a lack of care and treatment, The Greene Law Firm will fight for you and your loved one to ensure that they are fairly compensated for the injuries they have sustained in a Kentucky nursing home. We know how to investigate nursing home abuse or assisted living care abuse. This includes aggressively seeking pertinent documents, compassionately explaining the legal process to clients, working tirelessly to hold the nursing home or assisted living facility responsible, and ultimately, if necessary, how to present the case to a jury. Taking legal action will not only hold the nursing home or other facility responsible for their actions, but it may also improve conditions and the level of care and treatment at that facility in the future. If your loved one has suffered an injury related to improper or inadequate security at a Kentucky nursing home or assisted living facility, please contact our firm in Louisville.