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Construction Defects

Our attorneys at The Greene Law Firm have experience representing homeowners against general contractors, subcontractors, home building manufacturers, and insurance carriers for construction defects, breach of contract, and defective construction. If you have paid good money to purchase or have a safe and solid home or building constructed, it can be frustrating and economically draining if the home or building was not constructed properly. Under Kentucky law, we can help to hold the right people responsible for your construction defects, including, poor design, manufacturer negligence, and builder and contractor negligence.

Defective Construction

Construction defects generally fall into one of the following categories: defect in design, defective products or materials, or poor workmanship.

  • Design defects include defective walls, railings, balconies, roofing, windows and doors, heating or plumbing, electrical, ventilation, exterior siding, irrigation, and flooring systems. These conditions can create a dangerous and defective home that vulnerable and unsafe.
  • Defective products or materials includes products that fail due to improper manufacturing, improper installation, or used in the wrong application (which can also be an element of poor workmanship). These defective products may cause premature failure in roofing components, plumbing, windows and doors, siding and exterior surface materials.
  • Poor workmanship, includes a poor quality of work when installing or constructing the foundation, wall construction, windows and doors, railings, flooring, cabinets, plumbing, roofing, decking, pool construction, driveways, and masonry work.

Do You Have A Construction Defect Lawsuit?

In Kentucky, the most common types of damages resulting from construction defects and faulty construction in homes, townhomes, villas and condominiums are:

  • Water intrusion, roof leaks, and leaking envelopes: If buildings or homes are not constructed properly, water will get into the home and cause substantial problems. Areas of special concern include the roof and windows. The dampness caused by water intrusion can lead to interior damage and wood rot, as well as to growth of toxic molds.
  • Structural deficiencies or foundation problems: When the foundation of a house has not been properly laid out or poured, the entire structure of the home or building can be affected. As a result, walls begin to crack, the foundation becomes unstable, and substantial cost can be incurred to save the property. Ultimately, this can result in a tremendous amount of money being spent on the property, while simultaneously and substantially decreasing the property value.
  • Balcony and deck failure: When external structures, like balconies, decks and stairs, are added on to a structure, special considerations must be made to ensure that they are structurally sound. If they are not, your safety and the safety of your loved ones could be at stake. For more information, please see our section on premises liability.
  • HVAC failure: When heating, ventilation and air conditioning fail, mildew and mold often build up and can have a serious impact on a person’s health.
  • Imitation wood exterior siding and trim: These items have been proven to have substantial issues in their design, production, and utilization. Furthermore, many times these products are not installed correctly, which substantially diminishes their effectiveness.

Do Not Delay In Pursuing Your Construction Claim

Kentucky law has strict timelines that must be followed in order to bring a defective construction claim. These timelines can serve to permanently bar a construction claim if a formal lawsuit is not filed in a timely fashion. To ensure that no timelines are missed, contact The Greene Law Firm at 502-430-0467 or use our online form.