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Kentucky Nursing Home Fall Attorneys

There are many reasons that nursing home residents fall or are dropped by staff. In many instances, the nursing home or the nursing home staff has caused or contributed to the resident’s fall. In nearly every instance in which a nursing home drops a resident that is unable to walk or move on their own behalf, the nursing home staff has committed negligence. When a resident is dropped or falls, they can sustain serious injuries or death. Common injuries include broken bones, fractures, closed-head injuries, internal bleeding, puncture wounds, and potentially death.

One of the most frustrating aspects of a loved one being injured by a drop or fall is that a large percentage of these injuries are preventable. For example, many falls could be avoided if nursing homes exhibited the proper care and adherence to the procedures when moving residents. Some common examples of nursing home negligence include:

  1. The nursing home does not have proper supervision when attempting to move residents.
  2. The facility is understaffed and does not have the appropriate amount of people needed to move a resident.
  3. The nursing home has unsafe equipment or conditions present (for example, machines that protrude into the walking area, spills or messes on the floors, slick or slippery areas or substances on the floors, a lack of handrails or other requirements)
  4. Residents are not properly supervised or given the proper equipment when attempting to walk or ambulate
  5. Residents are required or permitted to attempt to walk or move under the influence of substantial amounts of medication that impairs their abilities.

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When you have entrusted the care and treatment of a loved one to a nursing home or other facility and have been betrayed by a lack of care and treatment, The Greene Law Firm will fight for you and your loved one to ensure that they are fairly compensated for the injuries they have sustained in a Kentucky nursing home. We know how to investigate nursing home abuse or assisted living care abuse. This includes aggressively seeking pertinent documents, compassionately explaining the legal process to clients, working tirelessly to hold the nursing home or assisted living facility responsible, and ultimately, if necessary, presenting the case to a jury. Taking legal action will not only hold the nursing home or other facility responsible for their actions, but it may also improve conditions and the level of care and treatment at that facility in the future. If your loved one has suffered an injury related to a fall or drop at a nursing home or assisted living facility, please contact our Louisville firm.