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When is a mechanic responsible for a collision?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are involved in a crash because your vehicle was not driving well, there could be a chance that you’re not to blame. In some cases, repairs done to vehicles are performed incorrectly. When that happens, you could have an opportunity to make a claim against the mechanic responsible for the damage or a manufacturer that produced a defective part.

Car wrecks are not always straightforward, and the person who appears to be to blame may not be at fault. Whether you’re in a single or multi-vehicle crash, you deserve the opportunity to determine who could be held liable and to seek compensation from them for the injuries that you’ve suffered.

Mechanics or manufacturers could be to blame for some collisions

Sometimes, it’s bad parts or workmanship that are to blame for crashes. For example, if you just took your car to the mechanic to get new tires put on and they did not reattach the tires correctly, a crash caused by the tire coming off the vehicle could be their fault.

Similarly, if you have just installed a new brake system and the system fails because of a manufacturer’s defect, you may want to look into seeking compensation from the manufacturer and filing a claim against them.

How can you determine if there was a fault with your vehicle?

It may be easy in some situations and more difficult in others. For instance, if a part has a recall out on it, you may be able to show that the recall played a role in your crash.

If the vehicle is inspected after the crash because you reported that you couldn’t control it, someone may discover a damaged brake line or trouble with your power steering. If a mechanic recently worked on the vehicle and performed repairs, it’s possible that they could have caused that damage, especially if the vehicle was in working order previously.

Evaluating your vehicle after a crash is a must. Then, think carefully about who could be responsible, ranging from other drivers to mechanics or manufacturers. Your attorney will help build a claim once the potential liable parties are determined.